About us

Climber Steve’s Tree Care was founded to create the best experience possible for our customers. We specialize in technical tree work and lumber recycling. We are a full service tree care company that can handle jobs of any size and difficulty.

About Climber Steve:

Steven has pursued climbing of all sorts for over 15 years, starting with rock climbing from a young age. Earning the rank of Eagle Scout, Steven has always been interested in knots, rigging, and craftsmanship. Steven has a B.S. in environmental science from the University of Florida, and has a strong interest in the environment and ecology. During college, Steven was instrumental in creating a network of bicycle powered composting centers. This passion for sustainability and recycling has continued into his methods at Climber Steve’s Tree Care. Ask about our tree debris chipping services here: https://climbersteve.com/chipping-request-form/

We at Climber Steve’s Tree Care pride ourselves on professionalism and customer relations. We carry liability and workers compensation insurance. Please contact us at [email protected] to request a copy of our insurance, or if you have any other questions. If you would like a quote for a job please use the form here: https://climbersteve.com/